Newcastle Cabinetry

This 2005 home had natural alder wooden cabinets and trim which we converted to paint – Sherwin Williams SW 7005 Pure White.  Proper preparation is crucial:  we sanded, used a liquid deglosser, primed with bonding primer, sanded, caulked, and filled the primed surfaces.  Finally, we used an air-assisted airless sprayer with a customized gun to apply the final two coats of Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane enamel.  Using this process and equipment allowed us to achieve the finest high-end finish. 

Painting the woodwork gave this home a brighter, more spacious feel.  Natural wood can be beautiful, but painting it can make your home seem new, fresh, and modern.  

Phinney Ridge Craftsman

three-level siding design

This 1922 Ballard home was converted from single occupancy to a multiple family home. Working on a home with more than one tenant can be more complicated than a single family home, since we need to be sensitive to different people’s schedules and concerns.

The exterior body paint was Sherwin Williams Super Paint flat in SW 7075 Web Gray; the trim was Super Paint satin in SW 7070 Site White; the front doors were Super Paint Color Accents Gloss in SW 6321 Red Bay; and the front steps were Porch & Floor Enamel in SW 7073 Network Gray. Flat sheens on the body of a home are nicely forgiving in that minor imperfections of the wood are less visible. On the other hand, satin sheens tend to be more durable.

Classic Capitol Hill Brick Home

upper peak

Eagle Eye painted this 1926 Capitol Hill Brick home early in the season to avoid the bees attracted to all the natural foliage.  One of the first things we needed to do was remove the ivy tentacles from the wood trim, then we were ready to scrape and sand the wood to prepare it for painting.

The homeowners chose a bold Tricorn Black to highlight their trim, creating a dramatic, timeless look.  The trim was painted in Sherwin Williams Super Paint satin, and the front door was Super Paint gloss. Sherwin Williams SW 6258 Tricorn Black is the truest black available – a wonderful, classic choice.

Ballard Natural Shingle Home

full view of home

This Ballard home was built in 1949 and Eagle Eye has been fortunate to have painted it twice. Rejuvenating natural wood is one of our specialties and makes a dramatic upgrade to the look and feel of a home.

In 2008, we used BioWash Woodwash to clean the home, BioWash Natural Deck Oil in the Cedar tone for the shingles, and Sherwin Williams Super Paint satin for the trim.  BioWash products are no longer available in the USA, but there are good alternatives available. In 2017 we repainted the house using Sherwin Williams Super Deck for the shingles and Emerald for the trim.

Maple Leaf Artist’s Home

Living room windows

Designed by artist Sally Whipple, this creative and majestic home was built in 1979.  Sally hired Eagle Eye to stain the exterior and paint and stain the interior in 2006.  Cleaning and oiling the faded, mildewed shingles really transformed the home and brought it back to its former glory.

We used BioWash Natural Woodwash to clean the exterior of the home, and Biowash Natural Deck Oil in the Natural tone to refinish the shingles.  On the interior, we used zip doors to fully contain any dust due to the owner’s sensitivity to particulates.  For the interior finish, we used Sherwin Williams Pro Mar 200 Zero VOC paint and Daly’s ProFin Oil clear coat.

Capitol Hill Foursquare

This great Capitol Hill Foursquare home was built in 1909. The homeowners had remodeled extensively through Charles Meyer Design LLC, and we were working behind the carpenters and before the electricians. We returned later to touch-up some contractor damage, and also ended up painting the exterior of the home later that summer. The built-in cabinets, bench seat, and coat closet were great detail items that were part of the remodel.

We used Benjamin Moore Shelburne Buff @ 50% strength in the living room, hallways, stairwell, kitchen, and dining room; Benjamin Moore Spring Dust in the powder room; and Benjamin Moore Brazilian Blue in the baby’s bedroom. All trim and ceilings were painted Benjamin Moore Cloud White. The walls and ceilings were painted in a flat sheen, while the trim was a satin sheen.

Shoreline Farmhouse

living room bump-out

This Shoreline charmer was originally constructed in 1938. With a patio addition, detached garage, pump house, cabin, fences, and bridges over two streams, there was plenty of natural wood staining work in addition to painting of the home. Great care needed to be taken as there could be no possibility of any chemicals getting into the creeks.

We used BioWash Natural Deck Oil in the Redwood and Cedar tones as well as Sikkens Cetol SRD in the Natural Oak tone for the woodwork, and all custom paint colors for the body and painted trim of the home. The deep forest green body was Sherwin Williams Super Paint satin, and the cream trim was Super Paint gloss. While one of our more challenging projects, this was also an incredible and rewarding transformation.

Modern Leschi Home

Leschi Modern Home

This home was built in 1985 and has a more modern look.  Designer Susan Brockway helped with this subtle three-color scheme with two complimentary body colors.  The combination provides a rich, flowing feel.  We used Sherwin Williams Super Paint satin for the body, Super Paint gloss for the trim, and All Surface Oil Enamel for the doors. The body colors were Benjamin Moore HC-100 Gloucester Sage and HC-107 Gettysburg Gray, and the trim was 1566 Stonybrook.

One of the challenges on this project was that we needed scaffolding to access the southeast side of the home.  Scaffolding always requires extra safety precautions – which we are always happy to take.

View Ridge Craftsman

View Ridge Craftsman

Eagle Eye painted this 1927 craftsman exterior with some great decorative details. Some of the cedar shingles were failing, so we replaced them. Carpentry incidental to painting is usually work our crews can easily handle. If the scope of repairs is extensive, however, we will generally refer a carpentry professional. In our experience, a specialist tends to be the most efficient, safe, and cost effective way to handle major problems.

Susan Brockway selected the colors for this home. Our favorite part of the project was painting the faux brick stairway walls in the front of the house. Originally brick, it had been painted, and with our repainting the brick was restored to looking like brick once again. We used Sherwin Williams Super Paint but Benjamin Moore’s Classic Burgundy color.